Wild Animal Damage


Bats, Mice, Pigeons, Raccoons and Skunks are everyday odor-causing problems for StinkInc®. Be it urine, feces, nest materials or decomposition, these organic odors will be effectively removed by our professionals using our environmentally safe techniques. You won’t find us using any perfuming or masking techniques: we simply get rid of the odor removal services. Period.

Our wild animal odor control services include:

  • Initial inspection and cause determination.
  • Attic and crawl space inspections.
  • Area containment with HEPA negative air filtration.
  • Surface cleaning, deodorizing and/or removal (e.g. carpet, drywall, insulation).
  • Full-line rebuild if necessary.
  • Disinfection.
  • Start to finish insurance claim assistance.

While these services may seem excessive for an animal as small as mouse, care must be taken when dealing with wildlife-related clean up. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has multiple advisories concerning infectious diseases transmitted by hazardous animal waste from bats, birds, raccoons and rodents.

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